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Blue Marketing Digital manages the digital courses of www.waystogetwomen.com, www.revistavirtualzeta.com, www.oratoriahipnotica.com, www.eljuegodelaseduccion.com.

Blue Marketing Digital, directed by Esteban Lara, provides users with access to all training (Videos, Ebooks, educational programs, etc.), communications programs (newsletters, blogs, articles, etc.), purchase and customer service to the client. Blue Marketing Digital is free to promote digital courses and advertise third parties.

Blue Marketing Digital (BMD) provides the accompaniment and support of each of the digital courses that are part of the company through recurring billing programs. BMD assumes no responsibility for support of third party programs, even if they are promoted by the company.

Blue Marketing Digital is a virtual store in which courses related to personal growth are promoted.

Additionally, you are responsible for having the necessary equipment to access our services.


Registry. The purchase of some BMD products and services requires registration to access the member's area. For this to be possible, you agree to provide complete and true information that allows you to access each program satisfactorily. You alone are responsible for providing the information required to maintain current access.

If you provide information that is inappropriate, untrue or incomplete, BMD may discreetly suspend, terminate or remove your access to the platforms containing the programs.

The registration of the information will be dependent on our Privacy Policy (which is incorporated in our agreements).

Account information. You alone are responsible for maintaining your account details. BMD is not responsible for any unauthorized use of your account. If you believe that your account is being used by a third party without your proper authorization, you must notify BMD immediately.

Only the person who makes the purchase has the license to access each of the courses developed by BMD.


It is strictly prohibited to use the name of each of the courses belonging to our company to sell the information on other virtual platforms or to distribute them without our authorization.

Blue Marketing Digital can provide its members with access to forums, Facebook groups, communities and membership sites, giving them the freedom to post and share experiences.

BMD is excluded from all responsibility for the publications of each user, however it reserves the right to eliminate the publications or users that do not comply with the rules of coexistence of each community.

It is strictly prohibited to make defamatory, threatening, obscene, scandalous, pornographic, unpleasant publications or any material that promotes hatred, offenses against other people and acting outside the law.

The moderators of each of our forums will cooperate with the legal authorities to direct and provide the necessary information that is required to dismantle any threat to the good of the community.

Any posting you make on the BMD forums may be used by group administrators for interactive purposes, including product marketing and running promotions to publicize digital courses.

The moderators may edit, copy, publish, distribute and translate the posts made in the forums and have the right to use them discreetly to promote the company's programs.

The moderators have no responsibility to respond directly to any of the posts made by users in the forums.

This agreement is governed by the rules of international law and must be strictly adapted to the laws of each jurisdiction.

In the event of a dispute relating to this Agreement, the Membership Sites or the Interaction Forums, you agree to the laws of each jurisdiction and shall strictly abide by them.

Our websites are regulated by Blue Marketing Digital, from its main office in Medellín - Colombia.

Blue Marketing Digital may limit access to the site by any person, geographic area or jurisdiction.

All this, together with our privacy policies, constitute the entire agreement between Blue Marketing Digital and all the websites that the company represents; this agreement precedes any oral or written dealings between you and Blue Marketing Digital.

Privacy Office:
Calle 11 #43 b 50, 050031, Medellin - Colombia

Felipe Urreta Calle

Esteban Lara

Today's Special Deal: Save Up to 60% on Our 3 Month Membership